#KeepingUsTogether activities

We hope that during these uncertain and isolating times, connecting through creativity will help to bring some colour and relaxation to your day, whilst continuing to keep us together! Over the coming weeks we'll be sending you a variety of artistic challenges set by our lead artists and volunteers, to bring you some home-based arts for wellbeing during lockdown or self-isolation.

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  • Activity 36

    Activity 36 - Festive Potato Printing

    The challenge – make a framed picture, cut out your shapes as tree decorations or make Christmas cards.
    Thanks to - participant Hayley

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  • Activity 35

    Activity 35 - Fabric Yoyo Flowers

    The challenge – Using scrap fabric and buttons, create unique flowers to decorate other items
    Thanks to - participant Nicola

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  • Activity 34

    Activity 34 - Fun mixed media printing

    The challenge – Remember, have fun, it does not need to be perfect!
    Thanks to - participant Toni.

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  • Activity 33

    Activity 33 - Easy Mirror Portraits

    The challenge – Using a mirror and a felt tip pen, have fun creating an old fashioned selfie - without a phone!
    Thanks to - participant artist Rachel.

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  • Activity 31

    Activity 31 - Tissue Paper Flowers

    The challenge – create lovely, colourful, low-maintenance tissue paper flowers for your window sill this summer!
    Thanks to - our MA intern Amie.

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  • Activity 30

    Activity 30 - We are mini dreamers

    The challenge – a very special and exciting project to encourage you to dream and look ahead, to use creativity to focus on the positives of emerging from our collective restrictions.

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  • Activity 29

    Activity 29 - Tissue paper suncatchers

    The challenge – create some colourful suncatchers that look brilliant on your window at home.
    Thanks to - our MA intern Amie.

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  • Activity 28

    Activity 28 - Animal poly-printmaking

    The challenge – a simple and fun animal print activity, perfect for children and a great way to teach them about animals,.
    Thanks to - participant artist Hannah.

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  • Activity 27

    Activity 27 - Paper Mosaic Bookmark

    The challenge – mosaic-style bookmark using different shapes, colours and textures.
    Thanks to - participant artist Rachel.

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  • Activity 17

    Activity 17 - Spooky Halloween Portrait Painting

    The challenge – creates spooky faces like these inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.
    Thanks to - David Milligan Croft (https://thereisnocavalry.wordpress.com and Instagram @milligancroft).

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  • Activity 16

    Activity 16 - Smartphone Loop Songwriting

    The challenge – creating your own song of recorded loops on your smartphone or tablet!
    Thanks to - Rob Allen AKA Manchester-based musician RoBoTaLiEn.

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  • Activity 15

    Activity 15 - Watercolour doodles

    The challenge – decide what type of doodle you want to make. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.
    Thanks to - doodle enthusiast and Arc participant, Kate.

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  • Activity 14

    Activity 14 - Embroidery motto

    The challenge – using simple embroidery stitches, sew and decorate your own personal motto.
    Thanks to - Arc creative volunteer Ellen Samuel.

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  • Activity 13

    Activity 13 - Your Art is Street Art

    The challenge – create your own work using Keith Haring's style, perhaps representing different feelings.
    Thanks to - Arc trustee Graeme Draper for this activity.

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  • Activity 12

    Activity 11 - Cardboard Sculptures

    The challenge – Have fun making a sculpture out of cardboard, inspired by the sculptures of contemporary British ceramicist.
    Thanks to - Andrew Wood, Arc associate, teacher and theatre designer.

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  • Activity 8

    How to Make a Ceramic Leaf Dish

    The challenge – make a ceramic dish in the shape of a leaf, if you have no clay . . . . . make your own clay as well !
    Thanks to - Jeni Jacques-Williams (https://www.lemonstudio.co.uk) for this activity.

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  • Activity 7

    Odd sock mouse mates

    The challenge – cut and sew to recycle an old sock and create a little mousey mate. You could even make a whole family and have a mousey tea party!!
    Thanks to - Arc's Saturday Art Club volunteer, Katie Kelly for this activity.

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  • Activity 6

    How to make your own clay

    The challenge – how to make your own paper clay at home. When you are ready to start modelling, have a go at making a bowl.
    Thanks to - Sharon Giles for this activity.

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  • Activity 5

    Cherry Blossom Concertina Book

    The challenge – to make a little cherry blossom concertina book that can be used as a keep sake or makes a lovely gift to send to someone.
    Thanks to - Alison Waters (Instagram - @alisonwatersart and http://alisonwaters-art.moonfruit.com/gallery-books-2/4591885435 ) for this activity.

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  • Activity 4

    Kitchen Table Mandalas

    The challenge – draw a Mandala using household objects found in your home to create the patterns. Experiment and have fun seeing which objects work best.
    Thanks to - Sharon Campbell for this activity.

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  • Activity 3

    Exploring Drawing

    The challenge – choose 3 objects, then try each of the following drawing exercises with each piece - continuous line drawing, blind drawing and opposite hand drawing.
    Thanks to - Alison Waters for this activity.

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  • Activity 2

    Mark-making and collage

    The challenge – create a set of mark-making patterns that can be used in a variety of ways. Think dots, dashes, lines, squiggles and repeat these patterns.
    Thanks to - Alison Greyer for this activity.

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  • Activity 1

    The Tempest

    The challenge – using Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' as inspiration, create your own work of art on the page from the play (included).
    Thanks to - Arc artist and creative wordsmith, David Milligan-Croft.

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